Monday, September 1, 2008

Bringing Order to Chaos

It's interesting to me how some things tend to get worse before they get better.

Canker sores.



I had hoped to blog more over the past week while I've been off. Instead, I've been creating new messes in my attempts to bring order to chaos. I now have 2 bags of shredding and 2 bags of things to donate to the women's shelter, and I'm not even halfway through.

Every project I started seemed to spawn at least two, if not three, sub-projects. I had anticipated this. Just not the time it takes to complete them.

In spite of the disposable clutter I've grouped together, I feel like my time off was both productive and restorative. Enough so that I'm actually feeling ready to go back to work tomorrow to start the new fiscal year and greet the new employees. Oh, and teach a little, too. Tune in tomorrow evening to see how class 3 goes.


onevoice said...

You're going to do great! Wish I were a fly on the wall...

Alyssa said...

O - I can't read that without hearing the voice. You crack me up! You would have loved my rant tonight on "since" vs. "because."

Clarissa said...

Oh, next time talk about "lie" vs. "lay" and it will be a party!!

Krista said...

Yes!!! Getting rid of a mess makes MORE messes that have to be taken SOMEWHERE!! How many days until the Sabbath??

Alyssa said...

C - Only you can teach that lesson! I have to look that up every time now that I can no longer walk next door and pick your brain.

K - So you've dealt with this, too? I'm so grateful for the Sabbath, which forces me to ignore the mounds of junk for a while!