Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making Memories

It's as if Christmas time counts differently than the normal minutes and hours we see and feel the rest of the year. I've been home for three days, but even that feels like a minute in spite of all that we've done together as a family. Here are some of my favorite memories thus far:

On Thursday, my sister drove me and my dog home, and the almost 4.5 hour drive seemed like it took no time at all. We sang and talked and even got in a little shopping along the way. She said that the only reason she knew it had taken a while was that the steering wheel started to feel "fat." If you make long drives, hopefully you'll understand that.

At night, and only at night, it seems that my dog chooses the exact same place to go potty: right near the manger scene that is brightly illuminated in our neighbors' yard and right when there is a line of cars driving by to look at the lights.

On Friday, we took lunch to my mom at work. We received the royal treatment by being introduced as "Kathy's daughters." That evening, we made journals. It was as if we were at camp, and we enjoyed watching one another's creativity flow onto the covers.

On Saturday, we took a short road trip to a nearby town and did some shopping in an attic. Fun doesn't even begin to describe the time we had! We hope to make that an annual tradition.

Today, we visited with old friends at church and then received a surprise visit during the afternoon from one of the girls that I used to babysit. Mom answered the door and did not recognize the visitor until she introduced herself as Candice. It was fun to catch up with her and her family.

It's wonderful to have no place we "have" to be other than right where we are, spending time with each other and making memories. I hope that you allow Christmas time to go at its own pace and make wonderful memories with your family as well.


Anonymous said...

I want to know how you made those journals - another post, perhaps?

Kris said...

I'm so glad you are getting to spend some time with your family. Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Madison Richards said...

I'm with anonymous - how did you make those covers on the journals? What a great gift idea! Are they basic composition notebooks?

Do tell!!!

(Merry Christmas!)

Renae said...

Yes, I think you need to post step-by-step instructions!

I'm so happy for you. What a beautiful week you must be having! I'm so glad you and your sister are able to spend this time with your mom.

Sometimes, life just gets too busy, too filled with things that don't really make our lives richer. What a great lesson just to slow down and make memories!

Thank you for this beautiful post, Alyssa!

TJ Wilson said...

hey my loyal blogging friend. so glad you're enjoying christmas. you are dear to me!

Krista said...

Those are great! Love the sound of the pace of your Christmas with family.