Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Than Just a Man

Due to work, I watched only a few minutes of the inaugural festivities today. The pieces of the inaugural speech that I caught were inspiring. Not really unexpected or any different than what previous presidents have said after taking the oath of office.

And yet, one person after another who was interviewed expressed hope for and excitement about the future. From celebrities to commoners who sat at the very back of the mall, everyone united behind this one man.

Unity is so difficult to attain, so the glimpses of it today were beautiful. But such confidence--that of being united behind a mortal man--is confidence misplaced. The oath gives credence to this.

The oath's conclusion--"so help me God"--deserves renewed attention and devotion. The problems that our country face are too big for the president, the vice president, his cabinet, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. It seems that we, as a country, have forgotten Who is in charge. And until we re-learn to give Him all of our praise, honor, adoration, as well as all the glory, I don't foresee much change on the horizon.

Call me a pessimist, or even better, prove me wrong. Pray for our leaders and for our country--that we would stop using every opportunity as one for self-glorification. And above all, pray that God would shower us with His mercy and grace.


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Beautiful... and so true. -BJHamrick.com

Momma Bean said...

I agree 100%!!!

Krista said...

So funny we all have the same reaction-- want to say "Preach it, girl!"