Sunday, March 28, 2010

Activities & Adventures

I've been away from the blog for so long that I thought I might have trouble logging in. I've been pondering so many different things and haven't made the time to put them into blog posts, and some I don't even have the words to put into posts. So to avoid another month-and-a-half-long delay, I thought I'd ease my way back into the blogosphere by sharing some pictures of recent events so that my non-Facebook friends can catch up.

Back in December when The Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Show aired, they announced that Colt McCoy had won, among other awards, the Davey O'Brien Award for the top quarterback. Since the award is based here in Cowtown, I wondered whether fans could attend. I made a phone call the following day and found out that fans could attend . . . for a price. Friends tried to get me tickets in the main room, but it wasn't meant to be. So I accepted my seat an adjoining room and hoped for an encounter at some point during the evening. God blessed me beyond measure with getting to ride the elevator with Rachel Glandorf, Colt's fiancee, and getting to chat with her later in the evening along with his mother and father. And for one brief moment, I was able to shake Colt's hand and get a picture with him, albeit one with a man's head in the way. If I didn't have the pictures, I probably wouldn't believe that I had actually been in attendance. It was such an amazing evening and a lot of fun to dress up and attend such a formal event. (And in honor of the recent Academy Awards, I want to thank Krista who shot the first two photos and who let me borrow a sparkly ring; my sister who let me borrow the dress, earrings, and purse; TJ who let me borrow the wrap that kept me warm all evening; and all my friends who asked me about the event and then listened to me go on and on about it.)

Not long after the Davey O'Brien Awards Dinner, I attended an awards dinner at the zoo with my co-workers. I had never been to an event at the zoo, so it was fun to come at night and honor a special person, eat delicious food, hang out with my co-workers outside the office, and listen to a great band.

I've always wanted to learn how to take better pictures, so I took a one-night photography class at the end of February. Below is one shot that I took while I was there. I loved filling the frame with the subject matter that was on the teacher's shelves. I have so much more to learn and now really want a camera with more manual settings.

Then, I set out on my sports weekend. First up was attending the TCU baseball game versus Texas Tech. It was a perfect spring night (in February!) and the Horned Frogs got the win.

Next up was a Mavs game with amazing court-side seats and the gold parking pass, which added a whole new dimension to things I would buy if I was wealthy. And dinner at the buffet on the platinum level wasn't too shabby either.

And finally, there was the shooting range. I'd never shot a gun before but wanted to learn how. My small group leader just happened to have all the connections - a gun and a father who works at a gun range. He was a great teacher and had me shooting "tight groupings" in no time. I can now check off "learn to shoot a gun" on my bucket list.

So what activities have been keeping you busy?


Momma Bean said...

You looked simply stunning in that gown!!!

dionna said...

Wow, your life has been so much more interesting than mine in the past couple of months! :)
Unless, of course you count changing diapers and ear infections high on your list of fun activities. :)

michelle said...

so glad to see you back! I've missed you.

Krista said...

I did read this a while ago and didn't get to comment!!! What I thought first was--I thought I knew all about what you had been doing!! I got even a few more details!! You still AMAZE me-- all you do/accomplish-- and look stunning while doing it!
Love your picture with the books-- great color.

TJ Wilson said...

hey friend - beautiful photos, and like KDS said, you amaze me with all your talents and interests. missing you AND your writing.

Margie said...

Hi, Alyssa,

It was great to meet you last night, and I'm surprised, when I see how many friends we have in common that I haven't tuned in to your blog before now. Would love to talk to you about books - so many you've read are ones I have, too - and want to catch up on more of your writing. And I enjoyed seeing your photography on this post!