Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Word for 2011

The problem with not knowing my one-word resolution ahead of time is that I tend to want to adopt what others have chosen. For instance, Ann Voskamp has chosen 2011 as the Year of Here. My friend Kirsten has chosen intentional. And I originally thought my word for 2011 might be focus.

But the more I thought about it, the more that word didn't seem right. I could easily make the focus about me, and that didn't tie into what I wanted the year to be about.

Going into Christmas, I couldn't stop thinking about a post Ann wrote about how her family celebrates Christmas. Their celebration is more of a birthday party for Jesus, and all of the gifts are for Him.

While I was home at Christmas, I talked to my family about making Christmas 2011 less about us and more about Him. After all, we struggle each year to put together gift lists because we truly don't need a thing. And so we decided we'd give up our personal gift-giving to focus on giving to others instead.

As I thought about our decision, I realized that others is where I want my heart and my time to be focused throughout this year. I'm tired of being so ME focused, and I'm sure others are tired of it, too. And so I look forward to seeing what God will teach me about others over this year.


TJ Wilson said...

oh - love this! original to you, and now something i want to copy. ;)

Krista said...

I have the same problem you do-- I want everyone else's word for their year! "Others"-- now you have TWO followers.
You seem to be natural at this-- every year I have known you.

Momma Bean said...

I do hope that you will continue to post. I have missed your words dear friend.