Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeing Is Believing (+ A Giveaway!)

It's the cure for ingratitude. It always precedes the miracle. It leads to joy.

IT is eucharisteo.

I hadn't heard that term before but am so grateful that Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts introduced me to it. What started out as a dare to count 1,000 of the daily gifts from God became a way of life for Ann, and in the process, she traced the roots of eucharisteo not just through her life but through the Bible.

Her book has been described as life-changing. But why? Because taking time to write down the little moments helps us to fully live instead of rush through life. When I write down thanks for pipes not freezing, for the gift of a snow day (or 5) at home, for the super soft fur on my dog's head, it's as if life slows down a bit.

I started listing gifts back at Christmas and just took the time today to number them. There were over 200 gifts that most likely would have slipped away if I hadn't started counting. And in the process, I've discovered what Ann says on page 151 to be true: "Count blessings and discover Who can be counted on." Prior to that, Ann says on page 150 in discussing fear, "Nothing has materialy changed since yesterday's fears, last week's anxiety. But I have. I'm changing."

As one prone to give in to fears, I needed the insight she provided in chapter 8. I needed to be reminded to trust the Bridge Builder and that thanks is what builds trust.

I have never underlined this much in a book that I wasn't going to be tested on. But I want to live out what Ann talks about because her life is not perfect, but it is a beautiful, pure offering - one so opposite from this world - that it draws me in. And I hope it draws you in, as well.

Because I love this book so much, I have already given away two copies, but I bought another to give away here. Just leave a comment telling about one of His special gifts to you, and leave your name so that I can contact you if your name is chosen. I'll draw one person's name at random on Jan. 21.

And as you're reading the book, don't miss the video interviews with Ann here. So far, she has discussed the first two chapters and done an intro. Her passion and excitement in sharing eucharisteo is obvious and contagious. I hope you catch her passion for eucharisteo and start your own list of 1,000+ gifts.


Momma Bean said...

This book has been on my "to read" list for a while. My cup runneth over in the blessings dept as I begin to actually count and document them. The gift of adoption is one that immediately comes to mind.

Jenni Weatherbee said...

where do i begin? :-) i am so thankful for the gift of motherhood. it has been so incredible watching my little guy grow. i am also thankful for all his friends that helped him celebrate his 3rd birthday. what amazing joy on his little face on his special day!

Margie said...

Okay, how did I miss this? I would have love to have tried to get a copy of this. I think, however, that Krista wants to put this on our Moms Group reading list, so it looks I could be seeing what it's all about in the somewhat near future.

I am inspired to start listing gifts. Krista's doing this, another friend in PA has begun, and now you. Thanks for this post (even if I got to it too for the drawing!).

Krista said...

Again-- your generosity at work. Happy to be doing this with you.

kasogayle said...

I'm reading this book with a friend now...I'm only 4 chapters in and I can already say it's it.