Sunday, April 7, 2013

His Grace As Shown Through the Body of Christ

I'm not one who likes to feel helpless.  I've got my to-do lists and plans and prefer to muddle through them on my own rather than asking for help. 

But after a difficult March, which found me awakening most nights struggling to breathe because my nasal passages had swollen shut, I made the decision to undergo septoplasty to correct my double-deviated septum.  It wasn't easy to wave the white flag, knowing that I would be dependent on others for several days.

And yet, it was during this time of dependence that I was able to see even more clearly the Lord's provision.  This time through the Body of Christ that He has surrounded me with:

--A sweet friend got up at dark-thirty and drove me and my mother to the hospital.

--Another sweet friend picked us up from the hospital and brought us dinner.

--Friends and family prayed me through.

--Friends and family texted and called to check on me.

--A cookie bouquet arrived from a friend.

--A friend loaned me Downton Abbey to occupy my mind and to help pass the time.

--Another friend brought dinner.

--Co-workers covered for me at work.

--And my mother went above and beyond, taking care of all the heavy lifting, making ice packs, changing bandages, heating up food, sleeping on a blow-up mattress in my bedroom, talking me through the awkward side effects, and being my watching partner for 12 episodes of Downton Abbey.

It's a beautiful thing to see the Body of Christ use their gifts to so selflessly serve someone in need.  And yet, all too often, my pride makes me not want to be the one who is in need; I try to take over and not allow the Body to do what it was intended to do. 

But today, I am so very grateful for the way that our Heavenly Father has gifted each person to serve and for the way that the Body of Christ has blessed me.


Momma Bean said...

It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of the body of Christ. I surely hope you are on the mend. Prayers and love flowing your way.

Krista Sanders said...

And, we, my friend, are grateful for YOU and how countless times YOU have been the hands and feet of Christ to us.

Margie said...

I wish I could have helped. But I hope you're better now, and are glad to have gone through the surgery! Your writing is a blessing. So glad to be back on the "Follow" list.