Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Recap

The blog got pushed to the back burner this month as I worked to address envelopes and draft a Thanksgiving letter in order to get my new address out in time for friends to use when addressing Christmas cards.  Though I do love receiving Christmas cards, this was not an overt attempt to force people to send Christmas cards; I merely wanted to lessen the frustration and cost of friends having to address two envelopes and to spend money on two stamps because the Post Office appears to have a pretty strict three-month policy on forwarding mail.

This month, I also enjoyed attending a friend's pre-Thanksgiving gathering.  This was her third time to host a gathering for friends to share a Scripture that has carried them through the year and to tell how they have seen the Lord at work this year.  It was such a special time of fellowship and encouragement to see and hear of God's faithfulness in the lives of these women.

I took the train home for Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending several days with my mom.  She generously offered to let me plan a menu, and then she cooked, which is a win-win for me!  The weather was so mild this year that we were able to take a couple of late afternoon walks.  We took the opportunity on Saturday to travel to Gruene where we enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Buttermilk Cafe and browsed at several of the shops.

The train's delays, which totaled almost five hours during my commute to and from home, provided the perfect opportunity to finish off several books.  I enjoyed Mark Batterson's latest, The Grave Robber; Sara Hagerty's memoir, Every Bitter Thing Is SweetTasting the Goodness of God in All Things; and Nish Weiseth's book, Speak - How Your Story Can Change the World.

I hope you enjoyed a restful Thanksgiving and are preparing your heart as Advent season approaches.

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