Sunday, November 18, 2007

The 5 P's (Revised)

When I was in high school, my junior English teacher repeated a mantra about the five P's that stuck with me: "Poor Planning Prevents Proper Performance." If I remember correctly, she liked to respond with that phrase any time a student complained that he didn't have enough time to finish a project. In other words, procrastination equaled failure.

I don't like to be one who is caught off guard. I want to know what is around the bend and what I need to do to be prepared for it. So, I find myself constantly looking at the calendar and trying to plan what tasks I need to get done in order to be ready for events that are days, weeks, or months from now.

I try especially hard to implement the five P's as the Christmas season approaches. I want to be ready. I want to have my Christmas letter done and my shopping done so that I can enjoy the events ahead. I usually feel like all my planning pays off and allows me to relax and take in everything that is going on. But sometimes, I have to wonder if I'm missing out by not enjoying the here and now. This very moment.

Last week as I pondered this, I came up with the new five P's: Persistent Planning Prevents Present Pleasure. It painted a whole different perspective. One that made me want to throw away my calendar.

I'm not sure how to strike a balance between the two versions of the five P's. Thankfully, I know where to take this problem.

Father God, as the Christmas season approaches, show me how to balance planning ahead with enjoying the present moment. But most of all, help me not to miss You during this time.


Momma Bean said...

Like you, I struggle with this issue. Thank you, as always, for the thought provoking words.

L. Farrar (Baker) said...

Well, as a long-time procrastinator I can say I look forward to the day I am as "prepared" for the upcoming holiday events as you, and birthdays, etc., etc.! I have always been amazed how organized and on top of things you are. It's a gift! Oh to be prepared and not rushing about at the last minute! You are my inspiration!!

Momma Bean said...

Okay, so this subject has been stirring in my mind since yesterday. Planning-it is such a delicate balance. Without planning, I am a anxious mess. When I am obsessive about planning, I miss out on life as it happens. I struggle daily to stay balanced. This evening God placed an additional 5 P's on my heart. I wanted to share them with you-they are not revolutionary, but relevant. "Persistent Prayer Permits (his) Perfect Peace"

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friend

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

MB - I am glad that you took this to another level. Your 5 P's help me get things under control. Thanks for sharing them. Now if I can set about to be in persistent prayer mode instead of persistent planning mode . . .

LFB - Thank you! I love it that blogging is enabling me to "hear" from you more often!

Renae Brumbaugh said...

You are so right - it is a balancing act. I have always been a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl, and have had too many anxious moments because of it. I long for the kind of innate organizational skills you have. Isn't it great that God makes us all so very different? Funny that I long to be more like you and you long to be more like me . . . ;-)

Blessings to you, my friend!