Sunday, January 20, 2008

Losing Time

Over this three-day weekend, I thought I'd have lots of time. Time to spend with friends. Time to do chores. Time to read. Time to run errands. Time to write. Time to relax.

With all the time I've had, I've somehow managed to lose some. I lost some to napping. Some to showering so long that the water heater ran out of hot water. Some to surfing the internet from blog to blog to blog.

But thankfully, I didn't lose the whole holiday weekend.

I managed to get some chores done around the house and have some service people come take care of a few things. I found time to laugh with friends from my community group at a movie. I took Annie to get a heartworm test. I ate lunch at the museum and met a wonderful couple (who are attorneys in a nearby city) after the hostess decided to seat them with me. I blogged a bit. I went shopping to look for a new Bible study with several members of my community group. And I plan to sip hot chocolate and delve into a chic lit book here shortly.

So, I guess I'll give myself a grace ticket for frittering away some time because all in all, it has been a great three-day weekend. I hope yours has been as well.


Renae said...

You have an Annie? So do I - a shitzu!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm trying not to feel envious! ;-)


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

R - Yep, you can see a picture of me with my Annie in my Christmas posting. She's a great companion.