Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcoming in 2008

I spent a portion of yesterday reflecting on 2007 and looking ahead to 2008. I thought about making some resolutions, but I don't really like resolutions. I think it's the word that I don't like. Instead, I prefer to set goals, and I did some of that. But I also read some of my favorite blogs and picked up some new ideas, as I usually do.

One of the writers whose blog I frequent posted the seven things she learned during 2007, and her readers added comments regarding what they had learned. I thought about writing about what I had learned. But then I read a posting from my writer friend TJ who talked about writing a letter from God to yourself. I loved the challenge of thinking about what God would tell me as I approach 2008.

That's how I started today. I wrote a letter to myself in my journal, reminding me of the Truth. I plan to look back on it throughout the year.

So how do you approach the New Year? Did you make resolutions? Do you prefer to let the year unfold? Or do you have your own tradition? I'd love to hear.

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