Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A New View

On Friday afternoon, I made the move. Packing up my belongings one load at a time, I started the trek. All the way down the winding hall to the other side of the office. And there I unloaded my armfuls of books, papers, and decorations.

I now have a new office.

Same building. Same floor. Same job.

Just a different office. One that's a little smaller and doesn't have a window. And this wasn't a demotion.

I chose to move to be closer to my pod, the people I work with most closely on a daily basis.

Before I made the move, I decided it was time to go through all the stuff I brought with me to this job. All the things that I thought would be important and that I couldn't live without. I quickly realized that much of the stuff I had brought with me hadn't been looked at since my last move five years ago. Many of the papers and books were outdated. They made their way to the recycle bin and lessened the burden of the move.

This cleaning-before-the-move has some life application as well. It's prompted me to undertake the same cleaning process in my daily life. To figure out what I'm holding onto that is no longer useful or helpful and to let go of it so that I can move about my life without so much baggage. Not just physical baggage but emotional and mental as well.

I'm not sure that this process will be as fun or as fast as the office cleaning. But I think the end result will be even more enjoyable and freeing than working in my new office.

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Krista said...

Can't beat feeling unburdened and free by the unnecessaries.
Enjoy your new office!