Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unexpected . . . the Retreat

The sign read, "Do you want God's help or God?" Count me convicted. Clearly, God intended for my retreat to start before I even arrived at the camp because that sign appeared early in the drive to Glen Rose. A simple reminder of the retreat's "Unexpected" theme.

Once I arrived, the simple reminders of God's presence were everywhere. From the beautiful, bold decorations that welcomed us to the conference room; to incredible, thought-provoking skits; to sweet worship led by Katharine Sasser; to getting to hear Jeanne Damoff's story live and be a student of her teaching; to fun games and times to connect with both new friends and old. It's a beautiful thing to see a body of believers come together and use their talents to bless one another and to put on an event that no one person could have done alone. And, that's what happened this weekend.

But, above all, it was a time to be refreshed and renewed by God Himself.

I fail to recognize how much I desperately need that until I'm actually at a retreat. I tend to file things in the "deal with this later" file in my brain, and once I get to a retreat, I finally realize that I've almost exceeded the file's limit and need to get busy processing, sorting, and turning things over. Thankfully, our retreat planners incorporate time for that kind of processing to take place at the retreat.

So that's what I did right here:

I sat down and dumped out "my ish" (a/k/a issues). And this is what came out in the process:

Thoughts of worldly things fill my head.
Thoughts I long to fill with You instead.

To let go of the things I'm holding.
To be the woman You've been molding.

Living right within Your will.
Allowing You alone to fill.

Instead of trying to make things happen.
Trying instead to be more open.

Open with my time, my gifts, my love.
Open to use what came from above.

You, O Lord, are all that I need.
Help me when I don't believe.

Give me Your wisdom and take my hand.
Lead me to acceptance of Your plan.

This life is meant to glorify You,
and I want to do that through and through.

Alyssa - 4/25/09


Sars said...


that is a beautiful poem! Wow. Thank you for this post, it means a lot to me in many ways.

Krista said...

love it.