Monday, June 6, 2011

The Gifts of Family, Food, & Fun

Though I haven't blogged about it recently, my list of gifts continues. The list grew exponentially after spending the past week with my family.

Getting to see both my mom and sister other than the holidays is a treat because our work schedules don't always coincide. But the extra planning that went into getting us together for the week of Memorial Day was well worth it. I only wish there were more pictures to capture all the gifts we shared over this week.

771. Safe, timely travel by train

772. Laughter with Mom and Erin


775. Games with family


777. Family nap time

778. Homemade chocolate chess pie

779. Watching Tiffany D make-up videos with Erin


781. Getting an eye appointment with my childhood optometrist and eye drops that cure eye infections

782. Skip Bo at Nona's

783. Thank-you text from a friend

784. Going through childhood jewelry boxes to find "treasures" like old fortunes from Chinese restaurants


786. Rolling Erin's hair on hot rollers

787. Erin applying my make-up


789. Fish tacos at the lake

790. Hotel room with perfect view of the Austin bats (only we never saw them!)

791. Breakfast at Trio with pancakes that Wolfgang Puck raved about

792. Whipped sweet potatoes from Galaxy Cafe

793. Home Slice Pizza

794. Catching up with Erin's friend

795. Sustaining energy to attend conference despite lack of sleep, a rash, a fever, and a raging sinus infection


797. Awesome lunch at East Side Cafe

798. Safe travel from Austin back to hometown


800. Sleeping in my childhood bed

801 & 802. Wearing hats to a tea and hearing stories of redemption at the Christian Women's Job Corps

803. More games

804. Safe travel back


806 807. Having a friend pick me up at the train station and bringing me home so that I wouldn't have to face an empty house (1st trip since Annie passed away)


Momma Bean said...

What lovely ladies! This is such a fantastic picture!

Krista Sanders said...

At first, I was going to say my favorite was “family nap time” then I kept reading about ALL THE FOOD!! What fun you all had! I love the hat picture!