Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I Learned in March

1.  I will fall prey to watching weeknight television in the form of Dancing with the Stars if it features the gold medal ice dancing couple of Meryl Davis and Charlie White. 

2.  I will get foot cramps every Monday night from subconsciously pointing my toes during every dance.

3.  I will cry during almost every tribute dance.

4.  I will have to backdate blog posts because of watching DWTS because the show consumes my Monday evenings.

5.  Cooking chicken in the crock pot is my new favorite thing, mostly because I never cooked chicken until now due to having the curse of pink chicken at restaurants and to being a wee bit uneasy about cooking meat.  Thank goodness Mix & Match Mama put a link in her recent menu plan that taught me how to do it.

6.  I love hearing about what the Lord is doing in my mentee's life.

7.  People who come view a house like to turn on random lights, close random doors, leave your pantry door open, sit at your table and on your bed, and use two of your toilets; they have trouble following showing instructions such that they set off your home alarm (4 times and counting); and they are not afraid to track mud all the way to the bath mat in your master bathroom.

8.  The Type A/OCD part of me has a very hard time handling #7, especially when it requires me to re-vacuum and re-mop the floors and to sanitize the bathroom.

9.  The movie God's Not Dead is worth driving 20 miles or more to see.  It's a shame that it wasn't showing in more theaters.

10.  The true baseball experience involves sitting with friends in the stands, cheering on a ten-year-old outfielder, watching him get a great hit, and eating peanuts out of the shell.

What did you learn in March?

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