Monday, March 3, 2014

Things I've (Re)Learned in January & February

Emily Freeman tries to do a post at the end of each month with things that she has learned.  And although I may not do it monthly, I like the idea of thinking back through what I've learned or relearned recently. 

1)  I relearned just how much I like rules.  And I really like when people follow the rules.

2)  Along those same lines, I relearned that I love rules that are absolutes at all times.  For instances, periods and commas ALWAYS go inside quotation marks; there's nothing subjective about that.

3)  I learned that I like keeping Sundays completely task free, meaning that I no longer even attempt to blog on that day.

4)  I was reminded that my prayers are not in vain and that I want in on the Kingdom rewards that come with praying without ceasing, no matter what the circumstances are.

5)  I learned that my allergies are not a fan of 2014's crazy winter weather that can span from 80 degrees to 19 degrees in a matter of twenty-four hours and that the pattern can be repeated multiple times during a month.

6)  I learned that meal planning is not as easy as it looks on blogs.  Tips on successfully doing this weekly are welcomed!

7)  I learned that there's an essential oil to help with just about every ailment but that I'll also gratefully add in the occasional steroid nasal spray when I start itching all over due to #5 above.

8)  I learned just how quickly I devour memoirs after polishing off The Antelope in the Living Room in a matter of hours and Notes from a Blue Bike, which I finished over the span of a few days.

9)  I learned that Ellie Holcomb's new album As Sure as the Sun can brighten up an afternoon or make running errands a lot more enjoyable.

10)  And I've learned that I can't end a list with just nine things.

What fun thing have you learned over the past two months?


Momma Bean said...

I can absolutely relate to the love of rules and those that follow them :)

Emily said...

Meal Planning:
This has changed my 2014 for the better. Check it out.

Steph Watson said...

I loved "notes from a blue bike" that is the one book I quickly read over the last couple of months.

Krista Sanders said...

Hmmm.. does #1 have ANYthing to do with Panera?
#2- You are my SOUL sister! #6 The Fresh 20!
#7- AMEN! Support your local pharmacist!