Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to . . .

My mother!

Although we celebrated my mother’s birthday back in June so that her sisters and other relatives could come surprise her, today is her actual birthday. I’ve been thinking about how I could honor her on her special day and thought I’d share a portion of the wonderful legacy that she has bestowed upon my sister and me.

One thing that I love about my mother is that she leads by example and does so in so many areas of her life. For one, she is a woman of strong convictions, but she does not force them upon others. (Although my sister says there is some sort of eyebrow raising that occurs to indicate Mother’s displeasure; however, I am not familiar with it.)

At her job, she exemplifies what it means to be loyal and what it means to serve. She has worked at the same job for almost forty years, helping others learn to use their arms again after a stroke or an accident. She cares deeply about her patients, and it is evident in her work ethic.

With what God has blessed her with, she has demonstrated what it means to be a good steward. She takes good care of herself and manages money incredibly well. Raising two daughters and sending them to college on a single income without taking on debt is nothing short of miraculous, and she’d be the first to give the praise and glory to God for His financial provision as well as for healing her from cancer four years ago.

In her free time, she somehow manages to bless others with her hobbies--whether it be baking a treat for someone‘s special day, writing in calligraphy on a card, doing counted crossstitch to give as a gift, or loaning out a great book that she’s read and recommends.

And all of her leading by example is covered by prayer as she is a devout prayer warrior, whom I am grateful to have praying for me!

So on this her special day, we honor her and thank her for her amazing legacy, for knowing our hearts, and for loving us well!!!

With much love,
BITS (Bluebonnet In The Snow) and BITS-E




Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and precious gift your posting is to me on my special day. I am honored and blessed to be your mother.

Anonymous said...

Indeed you are a very special person and we all love you for it.
Hope your birthday is as super as you are. Love to come down there and spend the day with you.
From the one (that her age is unlisted!!!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice comments about your Mom. She is one of a kind. Happy Birthday to her. Unlisted age.

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful post. Your mother is a precious woman and I am blessed to know her. I hope she had a great birthday.

spaghettipie said...

What an honor and blessing you are to your mother. She must be an amazing lady, particularly as her children are arising and calling her blessed!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

FR - Thanks so much!

Mother - I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

A - It's part of the gift not to list her age!

K - Thanks; I think she's precious as well!

SP - You are so kind! I enjoyed getting to know your mother at your birthday party.