Sunday, May 11, 2008

Freedom Lost

I finally made time to go see the Ben Stein documentary Expelled. Apparently, it was not on anyone else's to-do list today because I had my own private showing. That's right, one chair was filled during the 12:15 showing, and it was filled by me.

Despite the creepiness of being in a dark movie theatre all by myself, I didn't allow the viewing atmosphere to detract from the film's message: there is only freedom in academia if you are on the "right" side. In other words, you can talk about Darwinism all day long, but if you dare to discuss "intelligent design," your days in academia are numbered.

The heaviness in the movie comes from the projected path that history will take if the Creation story is removed from academia. As the movie depicts, history has already given us a glimpse of that during Hitler's reign when he took Darwin's theories and applied them in an attempt to create his own elite society. As Stein, a Jew, walks through former concentration camps it becomes obvious: There is a new war being waged. One that the media doesn't give fair reporting to, if it even mentions it at all. One that many would like to keep under wraps in hopes that all the "creationists" will be rooted out quietly. I pray that is not the case.

For anyone who has reservations about seeing a film if it is labeled a "documentary," please don't equate that with "boring." This film is anything but boring. Stein intersperses movie clips throughout to add humor. And his interviews with staunch atheists who support Darwinism are laughable. They, relying on all their scientific theories, have no explanation for how life on this earth started, and their quick comeback is that "no one else knows how it started either."

I'm not sure what action I can take to make some noise for this cause. But I'll start by highly recommending this movie in hopes that the word will get out and that the Truth will be taught.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing about his movie for about 6 months now. It sounds like it's been needing to be made for quite some time now.

IS it just me, or is some of this sort of hatred hinted at in the New Testament?

Britta Coleman said...

I've heard some buzz about the movie, too, but haven't seen it yet. I'm a huge fan of documentaries, though, and don't find them boring at all.

Madison Richards said...

Thanks! I'll have to look for it!

Just remember, every revolution in the history of the world began with just one voice.

Somewhere it begins...

Renae said...

Thanks! I've been planning to see this, but all too often I let time slip by, and the movie I want to see is gone . . .

Would you recommend it for my 11 year old, or not?


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

A - I think you're on to something.

BC & MR - I think you'll both enjoy the movie, and I hope you'll post about it if you see it.

R - I think Focus on the Family gave the movie 5 stars for family-friendliness, and I don't recall any foul language or questionable content. Some of the science might be hard to understand, but I think it could be talked through. So I think your eleven year old would learn a lot from it.

Krista said...

Thanks for this-- we will definitely see it. Were planning to, but just haven't yet. I appreciate your giving us your thoughts. I am looking forward to it now.