Saturday, June 14, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

For several years now, I have wanted to go to the World Aquarium in Dallas. None of my friends seemed to have that same desire. And I didn't make time to go by myself.

When my friend Tammy and I started looking for a place to meet in the area, the World Aquarium started to look really attractive because it is indoors, thus sheltering us from the sweltering summer heat. She had already been before but agreed to go again and bring her children.

So today was the big day. I made my way to Dallas by train (my favorite way to travel, seriously) and met up with Tammy. I hadn't met her son and daughter before, and they made the experience all the more exciting. Their repeated shouts of "WOW!" helped me see God's creatures anew. Like seeing a cuckoo sitting on a post right next to the visitor path. Or watching a spoon-billed bird fly throughout the building and land in the water next to a turtle. Or seeing a waterfall for the first time. They were astounded. And they warmed up to me quickly, which warmed my heart. Her son kept telling us that this was so fun, and I was glad to hear that because he had toured the aquarium before. His only disappointment was not seeing any lobsters, but hopefully a trip to Central Market will enable him to fulfill that sighting.

(Alden intently studying the animals, while Stephen Jr. (in the blue) takes a look from below the fence bars)

Our fun continued through lunch where an overly-eager parker/bouncer (we're still not sure of his connection to the restaurant) allowed us to park at a meter right in front of the restaurant and gave us a card for a free dessert. Tammy's son proclaimed that the chocolate cake was great before it even arrived, and her daughter's satisfied expression after eating every last drop of her ice cream was contagious.

We walked around West End for a bit before I caught the train back. It was a wonderful trip that gave me a new appreciation for time with friends and all God's creatures (even the bats that hung upside down in two of the exhibits!).


Anonymous said...

Stephen Jr. and Alden were able to see Lobsters in the tank at Red Lobster today. He didn't have too long to wait after all.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

A - So glad they didn't have to wait to see the much sought-after lobsters! I just wish we had been able to find at least one at the aquarium so that I could have seen Stephen Jr's face light up!