Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BlTS's Anniversary

Today is my blog's one-year anniversary! It's been an incredible year! For one, I can't believe I've posted over 130 times, and for another, I can't believe how many wonderful people have stopped by to read, encourage, and comment. Thank you so much!

Amidst this celebration appears a bit of irony. Lately, I've been pondering whether I have a "voice." I can't seem to find the right key when I'm singing, and I can't seem to put my voice in tune in print either. I should be an expert on what I sound like, but for whatever reason, I can't hear that still, small voice.

In an attempt to find it, I've read over a few of my past blog posts. Some of them I honestly don't remember writing. It's as if the words in those posts were never mine to begin with. It's no surprise those are usually my favorite posts, probably because I didn't force them to work. They simply came. And I was the lucky scrivener who got to jot them down.

I pray that I will get that opportunity many more times in the future. But even if I don't, I'll continue to try to learn the craft and hone my voice.


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. You might not think you have found your voice, but those of us who read it certainly do.

Happy anniversary.

Momma Bean said...

Oh Happy Blogiversary!!! Your faithful readers are blessed to have you here.

michelle said...

happy blogobirthday. I think this is reason for a party.

Krista said...

Ditto to all the above. I enjoy your "voice" very much and have been challenged many times by what I have read when visiting the icy bluebonnet!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

SP, A, MB, M, K - Thanks for all the encouragement!

Renae said...

Hi Alyssa! Happy Anniversary! ;-)

Hmmmm . . . I think you have a lovely voice. Just think of it this way - your voice is YOU. Write like you speak. Write what you would say to a dear friend over coffee. Some days your voice will be funny, other days, more docile. But God made you unique, with unique experiences and viewpoints, and that is your voice.

And, as others here have said, I think it is in perfect tune! :-)