Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Unexpected

First, the good:

1. I received an email from a friend of mine whom I hadn't heard from in a long while. We've now reconnected through our blogs, and I'll have the pleasure of keeping up with the events in her life more often. What fun to have this new connection!

2. Wishing on Dandelions arrived in the mail today even though my mom mailed it just yesterday! Who knew that the pony express could travel so quickly in this heat?

Now, the slightly bad (or simply annoying):

One of the things that I look forward to each evening is having Annie greet me at the door. She normally dances, brings me her moose baby, and is overjoyed to see me.

Yesterday, I realized that I am now second fiddle thanks to this:

This picture was taken around Easter, and apparently the little critter above has invited its friends over to party in my yard because there were two medium-size rabbits yesterday. Today there were three. Annie stands on guard at the kitchen door, pointing at them until I come in and find her.

These rabbits have been digging holes, which they use to recline in as I caught one doing today. Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. Especially knowing that where there are two or three rabbits, many more will soon arrive.

Does anyone have any tips for getting the rabbits to move along to another yard? They appear to be immune to the bait box shown in the picture above (which was supposed to be for field mice). I live in the city, but you'd be hard-pressed to tell by the critters in my yard.

Now, I will return to the good and begin reading my new book!


Renae said...

Have you gone to Ace or Home Depot and asked one of their "experts?"

We had a gopher a couple of years ago, and we finally had to use a trap. We tried the little smoke bombs, but he just moved to another place in our yard.

They are cute, but I know how annoying the little critters can be! Keep us posted!

Momma Bean said...

Oh my stars. Who would have thought!!!

Anonymous said...

We had a rabbit infestation in the field next to where we're living.

It was pretty enjoyable. Then I noticed the rabbit population dwindling. I couldn't figure out where they were all going.

Then my son, the dogs and I, scared up a bobcat out of the bushes in the field. That explains where all the rabbits went.

So there. Get yourself a bobcat.

Madison Richards said...

No idea how to get rabbits out of your yard, except maybe you could start planting carrots in your neighbor's yard? Ok, sorry. That would be mean...

Not a clue. But I DO love Redeeming Love - it's one of my all time favorite books! Enjoy Mary's books as well!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

R - I haven't done that yet, but I think that will be on the to-do list if ABC Pest Control won't take care of it.

MB - Yeah, these should have been at your house that was "out in the sticks."

A - I've heard that there's a bobcat wandering around a trail in Arlington, so I might have to see if he wants a new residence.

MR - I like how you think! Though I think the neighbors' dogs that stay outside 24/7 would deter even these brave bunnies from a carrot crop.