Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Class Notes

22 = the number of students in my class

19 = the number of papers I wanted to shred this past weekend as I graded assignments that revealed my directions had not been followed

9 = the number of classes I have taught

4 = the number of classes that still remain

3 = the number of weeks until the students' big paper is due

2 = the number of substantive classes left to prep for

1 = the number of days until my birthday


Kris said...

It's interesting to see your comments about your class. It reminds me of my venture into professorship a couple of years ago, I won't go back...

Renae said...

Wow! You've almost made it through! And you're still standing !!!!

So happy for you.

(Mental note: don't buy Alyssa a shredder for Christmas . . . ) :-)

kasogayle said...

I wonder how many of my papers my professors wanted to shred...yikes!!! You are almost done, though!!! Woo hoo!!!