Friday, October 31, 2008

Exterior Changes

Five years ago, I bought a house. (It's a bit clearer in real life; this is a picture of a picture.)

Some of its features bothered me. For one, the broken gas lantern screamed, "Juveniles, here's a place to play with fire." The landscape was lopsided. The gray door needed some color. And so the work began.

After the initial changes were complete, new ones made it on to my radar screen. Like the screen door that blocked out the bright red door. And the vinca that grew out of control. So a few more changes commenced.

Though these changes have attempted to improve the curb appeal of my house, they would never convince someone to buy my house if the inside of my house is in disrepair.

If this sounds like a similar post, it's because it probably is. I seem to need to repeat some lessons, and the amazing God that we serve finds unique ways of getting my attention. This time by using the analogy of my house to enlighten me that there is a similar pattern in my life.

I always have a list of personal changes that I'd like to make. I gravitate toward the quick changes. I get a new haircut, a makeover, or a new outfit to improve my outward appearance. But the internal changes that take a bit longer to make remain on the list. And because I keep putting them off, I receive these not-so-subtle reminders.

Does this ring true for you?


kasogayle said...

it does for me, Alyssa...the inside stuff is more overwhelming to tackle for me...

Krista said...

Oh, it definitely does.
I finally got to really look at the pictures and the new door looks terrific. I see RED!!