Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bold Pursuit

Some people will do anything for money. Some people will do anything for love. It's an interesting correlation, no?

So what happens when you somehow blend the two together with the backdrop of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire set in India? You get the unforgettable story told in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

I knew the movie had been nominated for numerous awards within the Hollywood realm. That alone didn't persuade me to see the movie because my tastes don't usually agree with the critics' tastes. But after hearing friends' rave reviews, I gave in.

But they failed to warn me that the story is hard. It's more than hard; it's brutal. There were times when I wanted to leave the theater because I didn't want to have to watch the main character relive parts of his life. I wasn't emotionally prepared for the physical, mental, and emotional trauma that he went through. And yet I hung on.

The writing compelled me to. And though I'm sure it sounds a bit awkward to mention "writing" when talking about a movie, that's exactly what it was. The beginning and end are tied together seamlessly, and the flashbacks throughout are flawless.

And the great thing about a story that is filled with such darkness is that when the light shows through--and without giving anything away, it eventually does--it shines brighter than if the whole story had been filled with it.

I highly recommend seeing Slumdog Millionaire, and before it's over, you'll see what is being boldly pursued.


Krista said...

Interesting.... Have heard all sorts of things about it but your thoughts makes me wonder if I should just buy a ticket and go!

TJ Wilson said...

loved this film, A. and your thoughts on it!

Alyssa said...

K & TJ - We should all go to a movie together sometime, though I imagine that we'd just want to sit and chat through the movie.