Sunday, February 15, 2009

Test for Truth

I'm one of those crazy people who actually enjoyed summer school. I loved the fact that my fall and spring course loads were lighter because of the classes I took during the summer. And, for the most part, it seemed that the professors went a bit easier on students during the summer. With the exception of one particular professor.

During the summer of 1998, I signed up to take a class that I knew would have a fifty question true-false final exam. That scared me. I prefer short answer and essay exams because you can demonstrate that you know something and hopefully earn some credit even if the answer is not exactly on point. So, I went into the class knowing I was doomed. But little did I know exactly how much.

When the exam day arrived, I went in as prepared as I could be and walked out thinking that the test was not as bad as I had expected. Unfortunately, I should have prepared myself for the worst because my grade in that class was the lowest grade I ever made.

After the shock wore off, I went to talk to the professor about the exam. I noticed that many of the questions that I had missed I had marked as false. I thought through the questions and could not understand why that was not the correct answer. So I read one question to my professor and listed several scenarios that showed why I thought the correct answer should have been false. His reply, "Well, it's still mostly true." I never was able to pin him down on how many scenarios I would have to come up with to make a statement false. I had always been under the impression that just one would do the trick.

Much to this essay girl's chagrin, life seems full of true-false tests, many of which we aren't blatantly aware of. But thankfully, the test for truth is much easier than the exam I suffered through in summer school. By using the gift of God's Word to test everything that we read and hear, there's no need to count how many scenarios make something false; it either aligns with the Truth of God's Word or it doesn't. So it's as if we have the answer key at our disposal 24/7.

That's one simple test I'm willing to apply. How about you?


Renae said...

Amen! Great post, Alyssa!

Britta Coleman said...

True/false tests are the worst because, in the world's standards, you can make a case for either one. I like my truth absolute, please.

I took P.E. in summer school. Athleticism is not one of my spiritual gifts.

kasogayle said...

I could hazard a guess as to who the professor was! I would rather write a 4 hour essay than take a true/false test for this very reason!!!

Krista said...

So freeing and SO TRUE!! I like what Britta said- "I like my truth absolute,please!"
Glad your are writing "essays" now.