Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let There Be Light

The properties of light boggle my mind. How its absence alters a photograph, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. And how its absence from my life is sometimes easily noticed and other times not.

Over the past few weeks, unfortunate events battled to steal the light in my life. But in many ways, their timing couldn't have been better. For now is the time when the darkness is shrinking. The once darkening 5:30 p.m. sky stays illuminated for almost an hour more. And soon, even the 9 p.m. sky will glimmer with the remainder of the summer days' light.

Until then, I look forward to watching the days be lengthened by the light and to finding the joy therein.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there... BJ

Krista said...

Love that and I am sorry things have been hard.

Sarah said...

So good to see you today and chat. Sorry Noah distracted our conversation. I agree the "Light" makes everything brighter and I'm very much looking forward days where the sun shines brighter, warmer, and longer.

Alyssa said...

BJ & K - Thanks.

S - Me too!