Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Update

Author Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky has a monthly segment about what she has learned the previous month.  Here are a few things I've learned (or re-learned) over the past month.

1.  Cursive is a dying art.  Our intern told me that he hasn't written anything in cursive since the fifth grade.  WHAT??  He then said that while I was taking handwriting in school, he was probably learning computers.  (For that response, yes, I did remind him to respect his elders.)  I wondered how he signs checks, and then I realized that he probably pays all of his bills online.  I wish I could articulate a reason why cursive is needed other than the fact that I like it.

2.  "Whatever money can't buy, death can't take away."  This nugget of wisdom was in a darling video of Ms. Betty Cox that my friend Krista shared on her blog. The short video is worth the watch here.

3.  I'm normally not a fan of how short the evenings feel now that we are inching closer to the time change.  But I'm reminded that God does much of His work in the dark, or at least where we can't see it, and so I'm dealing better with the shorter evenings.

4.  A text that I hastily type can compel a 400-word apology via email.  The mode of communication is important, and I need to choose the one that allows for the clearest possible communication of the message.  Lesson learned.

5.  A reminder from a friend that man looks at the outside while God looks at the heart.  Pointed me back to Truth.  (1 Sam. 16:7)

And here are a few of my favorite things right now:

Matt Redman's new cd

Three books I'm reading

The cure for leg dandruff 

An improbable win

Rushing home to beat a storm and finding a rainbow over my house

What are you learning or loving this fall?


Emily said...

Great post. Leg dandruff...Ha! Classic. Thought of you when I heard that Texas had won. Let's get together soon.

Momma Bean said...

So much goodness here. Side note-you have the most beautiful handwriting of anyone I know!