Sunday, September 22, 2013

His Grace As Continually Revealed by the Gift List

The last two posts have been somewhat heavy, so I thought it might be time to switch gears and revisit my gift list.  For those who aren't familiar with my gift list, this isn't a list of gifts I want to request when the next birthday or holiday rolls around but rather a list of gifts the Lord has given me. 

I started my gift list at Christmas in 2010 after reading Ann Voskamp's blog and later her book One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, and I've continued to list the gifts daily ever since then.  It's a discipline that I don't ever want to stop practicing because it daily reminds me that the Lord hasn't forgotten about me and that He continues to pour out His grace on an undeserving sinner.

#3398.  Not having any duties at home: the gift of singleness
#3405.  A friend's example of selflessness
#3450.  Being able to return unnecessary purchases
#3460.  Long phone chat with my sister
#3467.  Getting to sleep in
#3478.  A day with no plans
#3481.  Friends to sit with at church
#3485.  Blackberry aqua fresca
#3491.  Being able to confess sin immediately
#3497.  Body of Christ coming together to raise funds for a family
#3498.  Giving me words for a letter to a friend
#3507.  Hearing a powerful testimony at the dry cleaners
#3514.  Laughter during a book
#3525.  That You can handle outbursts and frustrations
#3538.  Hard eucharisteo:  water leak in garage
#3553.  Running water restored
#3604.  How You are showing up big to some people who need to see You right now
#3645.  That You are not a God of confusion
#3652.  Hard eucharisteo:  thwarting my plans
#3676.  Getting upgraded to reserved seats
#3680.  Butternut squash soup in the summer
#3701.  Hearing a friend's testimony over lunch
#3722.  Songs on the radio that speak to my heart
#3743.  Coming home to two cards
#3758.  Unplanned slumber party
#3765.  Saving me from spending money
#3789.  An army of prayer warriors
#3819.  FaceTime with family
#3843.  Being able to help a friend
#3854.  Wisdom from a friend
#3861.  Getting a reply to my tweet from Ann V
#3910.  Recognizing my wrong assumptions
#3921.  Fall weather

How is the Lord blessing you right now, even today?


Steph Watson said...

How is He blessing me? In reading your thanksgivings and in the card you mailed me last week. Thank you!

Momma Bean said...

So many blessings! You inspire me to write them in one place. Tonight, having family together is a blessing.

Krista Sanders said...

YOU are an inspiration, my friend.

TJ Wilson said...

I especially love #3498. And have I told you lately how clever your blog title is?? Keep writing.