Monday, March 3, 2008

Always On My Mind

Last night, I swooned over this guy. I'm not one to be star struck, but there's just something about Michael Bublé. And his voice!

He performed an amazing concert with some of his new releases, like "Lost" and "Always On My Mind." But he sang plenty of old favorites as well, like "Fever" and "Home," during which pictures of Dallas flashed behind him.

At one point, he had the entire 6,000-member audience dancing to "Save the Last Dance For Me." But he also personalized the evening, by going out into the crowd to kiss on some kiddos, like this lucky little gal.

He received a few kisses of his own from some older gals on the front row. And he managed to endear himself to each member of the audience by expressing his humble gratitude. He said that he didn't come from millionaires, just parents who were hard workers. He said that he knew there were a lot of fancy people in the audience, a lot of people who paid good money for tickets, who got babysitters, who brought their kids, who went to fancy dinners, and that he doesn't take that for granted. He thanked everyone for supporting him and contributing to his success. He said he would come back as often as we'd "let" him.

And then he did what most performers would be afraid to do: he left the microphone, instructed the band to stop playing, and he sang part of "A Song for You." Just him. No amplification. And an awe-struck silence fell over the crowd. Truly amazing!

His opening act--Naturally 7--wasn't shabby either. They are an a capella group that reminded me a lot of Straight No Chaser. They sang an original song written from God's standpoint: "Say You Love Me (And There's No One Else Above Me)." They also performed what they call "vocal play," by making drum noises, guitar noises, and all the rest of the instruments with their mouths, while one or more of them sang on top of the background music that they had created. They quickly earned the audience's appreciation, respect, and a standing ovation.

I went to the concert with my friend Clarissa, thereby saving her husband from having to endure two hours of her fanning herself over the irresistible Michael Bublé. At the end of the concert, we concluded that the price we were about to pay in lost sleep from going to a concert on a night before a work day was little compared to the price we wish we had paid for front-row tickets.


Momma Bean said...

What a lucky duck you are!!! How wonderful that must have been.

Kris said...

I am so jealous! I would love to see him! He was in Austin last week, but I was too slow to get a good ticket. Had a friend who went and loved it!

Katie said...

I swoon just listening to his CD, seeing him in person might turn me into a junior high girl.

TJ Wilson said...

So fun - what a great evening! And a great recap... almost feels like I was there. :)

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

MB, K, K, & TJ - It was absolutely awesome! It was so much fun that Clarissa and I continue to relive portions of the concert at work as we play his music. I hope I get to see him in concert again soon.

kds said...

I am a big fan too! We missed this outing..... we thought hard about it. Loved that you go to go and hearing his endearing comments!