Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Big Picture

Today was "open mic" day at church. It's an opportunity for people to share what God is doing in their lives. "Open mic" day normally invokes a lot of fear, but today was different. I don't think anyone who shared was necessarily less fearful. Instead, they made up their minds to speak in spite of the fear.

Listening to what is going on in people's lives evokes an array of responses. One story is exciting, another is humbling, and yet another is sad. But above all, the stories remind us that God is at work. Even in the lives of those who did not speak.

I was also reminded of how each of our stories represent subplots in the amazing story that God is weaving together for all of mankind. Mine is such a small portion of HIS great story. And so often I forget that.

I tend to get self-focused. I begin to think that my problems are the biggest in the world. That my hangups are the hardest to get past. But that's simply not true. And hearing stories from our body of believers redirected my focus.

I am not the director, producer, playwright, or lead actor. I am merely a supporting actress in this story. And when I take the time to remember that, there's a lot less pressure because I'm not in control. Instead, I need only to listen to the Director and follow His cue.


kds said...

What great thoughts! I love the "subplot" idea. We are just one part of this amazing living Body!

Renae said...

Yes, it is always great to hear how God is working in other's lives. It reminds me that though I am just a very small part of the picture, God is the very big, very capable Master Artist.


TJ Wilson said...

killed me not to hear this, C gave me a recap. Hope Ted does this regularly!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

KDS, R, & TJ - Thanks for faithfully sharing your stories with me; they are great reminders of how God is at work.