Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Enough of Me

It's always a bit awkward to post pictures of myself; that's why I've done it very infrequently. I promised I'd give you a peak at the magic that Tammy Labuda worked when she took my headshots last month. So, I'm making good on my word. Please direct all compliments to Tammy.


Marla Alupoaicei said...


Hello! Your photos are fantastic. I'm so glad you and Tammy were able to get connected. I have enjoyed reading your blog! I'm giving away three new books this month on my website, so please stop by. Thanks!


Marla Alupoaicei
Leap of Faith

Clarissa said...

You look beautiful! The pictures are great!

Renae said...


You know that old song, "You Oughta Be in Pictures"? I think it was written about you. You are so beautiful and so photogenic. I think picture #4 will be perfect for your first book jacket . . . :-)

P.S. No idea how to spell "oughta".

Anonymous said...

Great photos. She did an awesome job, really captured your personality as well as your looks....Rare that a photogrpah catches both.

Madison Richards said...

As the saying goes, it's hard to take a bad picture when you start with a beautiful subject!

I understand all too well the angst of posting photoes of yourself. I hate having my picture taken, and in fact have only allowed 1 publicity shoot of myself so far. Don't plan on any others either!! The woman who took my photos moved to Illinois and I told her that was it! It would be forever said that Madison Richards only allowed 1 photographer to take her picture!!

Besides, when I'm 50 I'll still be happy with those photos - it's a win-win!!


Have a great weekend!

Kris said...

They are beautiful! You look fantastic! Hope you are doing well, I haven't seen you in too long! We need to catch up soon.

Krista said...

These are wonderful!! Wow! How fun to have those. So glad you posted them.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

Marla - Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for "introducing" me to Tammy.

Clarissa - So glad to see you "out and about." Looking forward to lunch soon.

Renae - I've never considered myself photogenic, so your compliment means so much. And your spelling looks good to me.

A - I agree that Tammy worked magic.

Madison - Thanks for your kind compliments and for sharing your photo shoot story. I'm happy with these so they may last me a while.

Kris - Thanks. Hoping to find a time to connect with you and see your sweet son.

Krista - Thanks. It was soooo much fun! I never liked taking pictures but maybe that was because I never liked the photographer until now.