Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Must-See Musicians

As I thought about which musicians I'd like to see in concert before I die, I realized that age has become a factor in my choices. Not in the sense that "I'm getting older so I better hurry up and see these people," but rather "I'm not sure there are that many artists that I want to go sit in the hot sun or drive to the big city to see." In other words, the laziness factor that comes with aging.

So, with that in mind, for some of the musicians I want to see I've set parameters on when and where I want to see them, and if the parameters aren't met, I'll probably have to leave that particular musician on my list, unseen.

Without further ado, here's my newest list:

#8 = Ruthie Foster [I've heard great things about her from Britta and other friends over the years. Just waiting for Ruthie to come back and play Bass Hall again. Sadly, she's playing downtown at the Arts Festival on Friday, but I'll be out of town.]

#7 = Willie Nelson [I'd love to hear him at Bass Hall, but it would be even better to hear him outdoors in Luckenbach, TX.]

#6 = Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, & Kenny Chesney [I'd love a country musical festival in Dallas where I could see at least three or more of these artists on the same day. I think they only hold events like that in Nashville, so I may have to leave these people unseen.]

#5 = Harry Connick, Jr. [He came to Bass Hall a while back for a fundraiser and tickets were $150 per person for every seat in the Hall. I'd like for him to come back and play a regular concert for regular ticket prices.]

#4 = Michael W. Smith [I think I'll try to catch his Christmas show this year.]

#3 = Jimmy Buffett [I want him to play an outdoor venue in the summer in my area instead of coming every year in April when there are potentially severe thunderstorms or it's 50 degrees outside.]

#2 = Chris Tomlin

#1 = Josh Groban

How about your list? Who would you like to see in concert?


Anonymous said...

Before I die, I want to go to see Billy Joel with Nate...not so much for me, but more for him. I have already seen him 2 times, but the ultimate would be to go with my brother!


Renae said...

I would have loved to see Luciano Pavarotti. But alas, no more chances. :-(

Great to see you posting so much!

Anonymous said...

I've actually gotten to see two on my list: the Police and the Eagles. They are the two that I thought I'd never see, but actually pulled off.

I'd like to catch Led Zepplin, but that's not on the absolute must see list.

I've seen the Newsboys, and I'm going to get to see them again soon, so that's something. I'd agree with Chris Tomlin, "Not To Us" is a great album.

Harry Connick's worth seeing, believe me.

Anonymous said...

I just had to add this: The song's called, "Pretty Amazing Grace." I think this show would be worth seeing. I've seen this guy before, many years ago, and I'd say go see him before he passes on. When you click this link, the song will start to play. Worth a listen:


No, I'm not crazy....

TJ Wilson said...

I say road trip to Nashville!
For what it's worth, I'd pay top dollar for Alan Jackson.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

J - I think that sounds like a perfect outing . . . maybe for his graduation?

R - So sad that you didn't get to see him before he died.

A - Thanks for the link and the vote of approval on several of my choices. I bet the Newsboys will be great live.

TJ - Think we could squeeze in a writers' conf. and a music festival? Then surely we could justify the road trip!

Britta Coleman said...

The Rolling Stones!

And I didn't know Ruthie was coming to FW this weekend...must get details on that.