Sunday, April 13, 2008

Musical Mindset (updated)

What has transformed your mind or caused you to think differently over the years?

That's what I've tried to write about each time I post--things that have opened my eyes or my senses in new ways, friends who have encouraged me, and fun events that have somehow left me different than before I attended them. Of course, it goes without saying that God's Word has the power to transform me, and that's why Romans 12:2 is posted at the top of the page, right underneath this blog's name. A little reminder to keep me on track.

But it's not just God's Word that has touched me. Often, God has grabbed my attention with a song playing on the radio. Even songs that aren't religious or spiritual in nature have caused me to see my life from a different viewpoint or have challenged me to think differently about an aspect of my life.

It all started with a little Billy Joel in elementary school, Belinda Carlisle and Tiffany in seventh grade, and quickly progressed to a little bit of everything. I decided it might be fun to compile a list of all the musicians I've seen in concert (not including Broadway musicals). So after culling through scrapbooks and racking my brain, here's my list:

Rush - Austin
The Eagles - San Antonio
The Mavericks - Gruene Hall
Chicago - San Antonio
Collin Raye - Littlefield
Pat Green - Amarillo, several places in Lubbock, Gruene Hall, FW
Jack Ingram - Lubbock
Sarah McLachlan - Austin, Dallas (2X), Colorado, California (2X)
Liz Phair -Austin, Dallas
Erykah Badu - Austin, Dallas
Bonnie Raitt - Austin, Dallas
Natalie Merchant - Austin (2X), Dallas
Lucinda Williams - Austin, Dallas
Dave Matthews Band - Austin, Dallas
Ani DiFranco - Austin
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - California (2X)
R.E.M. - California (2X)
Phish - California (2X)
The Wallflowers - California (2X)
Barenaked Ladies - California (2X)
Dixie Chicks - Colorado
Inidgo Girls - Colorado
Sheryl Crow - Colorado
Tara MacLean - Colorado
Kelly Willis - Colorado
Caedmon's Call - Lubbock
Def Leppard - Lubbock
Elton John - Lubbock & Dallas
Lyle Lovett - Lubbock
Point of Grace - Fort Worth
Joy Williams - Fort Worth
Mark Shultz - Fort Worth
Avalon - Fort Worth
Jim Brickman - Fort Worth
Kathie Lee Gifford - Fort Worth
Phillips Craig & Dean - Denton
Billy Joel - Dallas
Norah Jones - Grand Prairie
Amy Grant - Fort Worth
Natalie Grant - Dallas
Nichole Nordeman - Dallas
Michael Buble - Grand Prairie
Zac Brown Band - Lubbock 2010
Carrie Underwood - Dallas 2010
Billy Currington - Dallas 2010
Sons of Sylvia - Dallas 2010
Chris Tomlin - Southlake & Fort Worth 2011 & 2011
Christy Nockels - Southlake & Forth Worth 2010 & 2011
Hillsong United - Dallas 2011
Green River Ordinance - Fort Worth 2011
Left Arm Tan - Fort Worth 2011
Charlie Hall - Fort Worth 2011
Kristian Stanfill - Fort Worth 2011
LeCrae - Fort Worth 2011
David Crowder Band - Fort Worth 2011
ELEW - Dallas 2011
Josh Groban - Dallas 2011
Shane & Shane - Fort Worth 2011
Phil Wickham - Fort Worth 2011

So that's my list. Any shockers? Any I've left off? Don't be shy. I want this to be an interactive week and to hear about your concert-going experiences. I've got some other musical posting ideas in line, so come back for more later this week.


onevoice said...

Wow. Very impressive that you can remember them all! Ok, Kathie Lee Gifford? That one was a little wierd among all the great others. Some of my favorite among the many...Barbara Mandrell...Color Me Badd at 12...Aerosmith & Megadeath at 14!! What were my parents thinking?!...Sneaking into Hal Ketchum at the South Plains Fair in middle school...Stevie Nicks - the absolute best!...and a recent find - Doug Burr while we were at SXSW in Austin, and he's from Denton! By looking at your choices so far, I think you'll like him.

Anonymous said...

OK, gotta admit a shock over the Neil Young and Crazy Horse, not to mention REM.

But go see the Police when they come back around next month through your area. That's been the best show I've seen yet.

Krista said...

Unbelievable. Wow. I had no idea you were a number AND a music junkie.
Sweet Kathie Lee-- why does everyone give her such a hard time? She's an old soul.
No shockers here. I grew up hours away from where anyone would play. Robert Palmer would be the only usual one for me. Harry Connick Jr. would be my favorite concert.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

O - So jealous that you went to SXSW! Can't believe your parents let you go to concerts at such a young age; I didn't go to my first concert until I was in college. And your mention of the South Plains Fair made me realize that I left off Collin Raye, whom I saw there. I confess that I adored Kathie Lee Gifford when I was in high school and wanted to be a nanny to her kids.

A - Will explain about those shockers in a separate post. I'm sure hearing the guitar lick from "Every Breath You Take" alone is worth the price of the ticket to see the Police.

K - Yes, the truth is out!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you've seen all of this since college?! I didn't realize you were such a concert-junkie.

I think the only non-Christian concert I attended was Alanis Morsette! I just wasn't a big concert person growing up.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

SP - The first three or four musicians listed are ones I saw while I was in college. The rest are post-college. I've been a busy concert-going gal.

Anonymous said...

I had NO idea you had such an impressive list going....I am very jealous! One of my favorite live shows was Barry much of a nerd does that make me!! How about you and I go see Harry together? Sound good?


TJ Wilson said...

oh my gosh! shocked all the way around. mostly that you can list them all. very, very impressive.

Clarissa said...

Wow, you have seen a LOT of concerts!

I can't compile a list of mine, but I can tell you my first was The Oak Ridge Boys (can I get a "giddy up, a-giddy up, a-oom poppa mau mau"?)

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

J - That sounds like fun! Our last musical event together was Phantom of the Opera, but I think we can top that.

TJ - I have kept tickets from almost every concert that I've attended, so that helped me compile the list.

C - LOL! That's priceless!