Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Traditions 10 - The Stockings

Some traditions stick because they are so easy. And this is one such example.

Every Christmas, we "open" our stockings first. After my sister and I make our way through the ornaments and other little (or sometimes not so little) gifts in the body of the stocking, we always check the toe of the stocking for an orange and an apple. I think "Santa" has only forgotten them one year, though many years we have reached in to find that they were ice-cold, having just been removed from the refrigerator.

I've never even asked if there's a story behind how Mom started this. I've just always known they'd be there. And there's just something sweet about that.

What stocking stuffer traditions do you have?

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Krista said...

No ONE thing in the stocking but we do stuff one another's. The children stuff ours and each others and we do the same for them. (So for our family of four, we only have 3 gifts each.)These are opened on Christmas Eve. We then stuff their stockings again on Christmas morning.
Love all your traditions!