Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Traditions 5 - Christmas Mail

The reason I rush to my mailbox every day during December is for the chance to find a Christmas letter or card (or maybe even several) in my mailbox. It's a time to find out what family and friends from near and far have been up to throughout the year. I learn about new babies, new jobs, and new addresses. I also learn about the losses and the let downs that friends and family have experienced. And I treasure every letter and card, keeping them in a box to reread throughout the year.

I started giving out Christmas cards when I was in junior high and continued that tradition for many years. But when I made the move to Cowtown in 2000, I decided that it was time to start writing my own Christmas letter instead of relying on my mom's letter to cover my news. This year will mark my tenth letter, assuming that I can get one done.

Writing a Christmas letter isn't easy, especially when it seems like it has been a pretty ordinary year. I've been tempted to send out a repeat of a previous year's letter, wondering if anyone would notice. I've also been tempted to just skip writing a letter. But because I hold receiving Christmas letters in such high esteem, I don't entertain that thought for very long.

Many of my friends have young children, and writing a Christmas letter isn't an option. I totally understand that and welcome pictures of their babies for my refrigerator. But for those who can find the time to write a letter, please know that I always appreciate receiving them and do not take the time that was spent on them for granted.

So what works best for you: the Christmas letter or the Christmas card?


Momma Bean said...

I look forward to your Christmas letter more than any other on my list. (No Pressure Intended) My goal is to actually get cards out this year. I'd better get busy!

Jamie said...

How else would I know what to read if you didn't send a letter?

Krista said...

I, like you, love the letters. I read them all-- even though some may not get read until after Christmas but I don't miss a one.