Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Mystery of the Delayed Posts: Solved.

You'll notice that I posted four "new" posts for last week. And if you checked last week, you might be wondering where they were before now. The simple answer is that they were sitting on blogger in the "very rough draft" stage. Each day, I had something I wanted to write about. So, I typed a few words and then proceeded to sneeze and keep the Puffs factory busy. It seems that fighting my new enemies--no longer stress and fatigue but rather juniper and cedar elm--prevented me from finishing a single blog post last week.

With the long holiday weekend (hat tip to Presidents Washington and Lincoln), I figured I had no excuse for not finishing what I had started. And so now the posts are done, and my faithful readers have something new to read and hopefully think about.

I think it may be a long winter for me with my enemies constantly wafting through the air, so please bear with me. I'm headed to the ENT tomorrow to see what wisdom he can impart. If you are so inclined, please pray for my battle with my allergies and that juniper and cedar elm would move along and find some place like Antarctica to reside . . . permanently.


kds said...

If you get any RX's maybe I can see you on a Wednesday!!

Britta Coleman said...

Amen on the allergens migrating to Antarctica!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

KDS - I should be heading your way in early March when my other Rx runs out!

Britta - Wonder if we can get a crop duster to somehow transport them?