Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scenes from the Polls

I didn't know I'd go today. I just thought I'd squeeze it in sometime before March 4. And then I saw the sign on the way back from lunch: Early Voting Site. I realized that the good weather was probably on its way out and that today was as good a day as any to step into the booth and cast my vote.

But this time it was a bit different and so were the voters. I stood in line to get my number and heard the lady ask the loaded question: "What primary are you voting in? Democrat or Republican?" The reactions varied. Tremendously.

The first man in line didn't seem to know the name of his party, so he answered, "I'm votin' for Clinton's wife."

The next man in line took the question very seriously, looked both ways, and dropped his voice to an almost-inaudible decible when he responded, "Republican."

The third man in line made some awkward popping movements before he quietly answered, "Republican."

I began to think that those men must have been raised to not mention politics in polite company, and so I answered with confidence to let them know that I wasn't offended that they had answered the loaded question in my presence.

The lady after me was downright distraught and conflicted. "I thought I was gonna switch and vote Democrat, but I'll stay Republican," she sighed.

After casting my vote and exiting the polling area, I went on my way, giggling about how everyone had responded to the loaded question.

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