Monday, June 4, 2007

Enough Doubting

Do you ever doubt?

Usually I doubt the weather. But today, I found myself doubting a recipe. Not just any recipe. An add-one-ingredient-to-this-mix recipe.

Surely hundreds of people have tried this box mix before. Surely if it didn’t work someone would have told the company.

Despite knowing that, I still doubted that 2/3 c. of yogurt would be enough to moisten all of this dry brownie mix.

That got me thinking: Am I am enough Lord? Enough to spread your light in the darkness? Enough to handle mean people? Enough to encourage others? Enough to do the job you've asked of me? Enough to?????

Thank You Lord that You are always Enough. Enough to cover my doubts with Truth, Light, and Love.


Clarissa said...

Um, I think you have some weird mind-reading device inside my head? Because I think these thoughts all the time too.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

C - I'm so glad you stopped by! Oh how I wish I had a mind-reading device! That sure would have endless possibilities at work! But alas, I am just an everyday "normal" person who's right there beside you in this struggle.