Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun Friday

A few weeks ago, a co-worker decided that a group of us should do something fun on our lunch hour on Fridays. Who could say no to that?

So, we started our first Fun Friday by trying a new restaurant that a friend mentioned. This place was truly Texan--it served amazing hamburgers and homemade milk shakes, offered dining under live oak trees on a multi-level deck, and had live music . . . AT LUNCH! It was fantastic!!!

Today, we did something a little different. We watched movies. Not just any movies. Home movies of me in high school. At the prom. And giving a hysterical presentation in senior English.

Why allow others to laugh at me? Because it’s fun to let others see how much I’ve changed, or not. It’s also fun to show off my small town roots.

My co-workers had never heard of a prom being taped before. This was merely the proof. They now wish that they’d had their proms videoed. (So that they could add the video to a time capsule and show what styles were in back in “the day.” )

The day flew by because it was fun to anticipate their reaction and to laugh with them as they made fun of hairstyles and clothing, mine in particular.

Thankfully, I have no desire to run for public office or I’d be in trouble considering that I’ve now given my co-workers plenty of ammunition to fuel some pretty funny tv ads or newspaper articles.


Here's another fun post for a Fun Friday:

Ode to a Couch

Oh couch, sweet couch! You were my first major purchase after I graduated from college and started my first real job. I would never have guessed back then that you would see me through over a decade’s worth of sitting. That you would welcome all my friends. That you wouldn’t get tired of being the only place to sit day in and day out. When the dining room table and chairs arrived seven years ago, they initially gave you a little bit of competition, but they were never as comfortable as you were. You survived the past three years of dog hair and dog accidents, and still you kept your impeccable exterior. Your only fault is that your plaid pattern, which initially drew me to you, is a bit busy for the patterned tile floors. I have tried to make it work for several years now, but just felt it was time for you to move on and bless another family. Keep being so selfless, and remember that you will always be my first couch!
Happy Friday to all!


Kirsten said...

That is great. I remember that couch well. I think that is a fun idea for Fridays. I would love to know where you went to eat.

Admiring Coworker said...

This is what I love about you - the idea that your past bad HAIR would impede your run for public office! I'm sure you would be most shocked at what elements of my past life have been captured on video (for better or worse). But I will tell you that bad hair was the least of it! And it would keep CNN talking for at least 15 minutes or so. As one of the lucky viewers of your senior video and gravity defying bangs, I can honestly say that your seriousness and earnestness are badges of honor; certainly I would vote for someone who, in high school, displayed such a level of maturity and leadership. It beats the pants off of my sequined leg warmers, costumes with wings, and lipstick so bright red you could see it from space!!

Angela said...

I'm finally able to leave a comment after several attempts! Yeah! Anyway, I just want to know if any of your co-workers laughed at my hair or dress? I know I'm on that video somewhere with MP. Was the video from Junior or Senior year? Those were good days!

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

K - I think that the couch probably had a few Libby hairs on it when it went to its new home. She loved perching on the top of it!

AC - You make me laugh! Should I schedule your videos for a future Fun Friday?

A - You are safe! I didn't point you out to my coworkers! It was the video from Jr. prom. I don't think I have one from Sr. prom.