Saturday, June 9, 2007

New Battle Hymn

There’s this song that I keep hearing. First, it was at a wedding reception. Then, at a retreat. So, I picked up the CD. But, it got pushed to the background, behind a bunch of others, and I forgot to listen to it.

Until this morning.

That’s when I pulled out Matt Kearney’s CD entitled “Nothing Left To Lose.” The album’s title is a bit apropos for my life right now.

Different music has defined numerous times in my life. All it takes is for a certain song to come on, and I’m instantly traveling down memory lane, being transported back to a specific time in my life. I remember where I was when the song played, what I was doing, and how it made me feel.

Some songs play now, and I can’t stop laughing because of an event that took place years ago. Sometimes a song comes on, and I reminisce about a bittersweet time that can’t be re-duplicated; all I have left is the memory to hang on to. And, every now and then, there’s a song that gives me a little kick in the pants and tells me to keep fighting for what I believe in and to keep speaking Truth into the lives of others.

That’s what Matt Kearney’s song “Won’t Back Down” did for me. The chorus goes like this:

“And I won’t back down
I won’t turn around and around
And I won’t back down
Doesn’t matter what comes crashing down
I’m still gonna stand my solid ground.”

Sometimes, I want to be a people pleaser and just say whatever makes people happy. To avoid conflict. I prefer to be a peacekeeper instead of a peacemaker. But that’s not what I’m called to do. (Matthew 5:9)

And so, I have to gather up my courage, and stand my ground . . . Daily.

Even when I don’t want to hurt feelings? YES

Even if I’ll never have to see the person again? YES

Even when I don’t feel like it? YES

My “battle hymn” is playing in the background. Guess I need to start practicing peacemaking instead of just trying to keep the peace.


spaghettipie said...

Look at you go with a post EVERY day! Have enjoyed reading...keep it up.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

SP - I'm glad that you've been stopping by and that you've enjoyed reading. I was compiling blog thoughts/postings in my head from April through May, so that accounts for the deluge of posts. It has been a lot of fun, so I hope the ideas keep coming.

Caddis fly said...

I soooooo totally know what you mean about songs bringing us back to yesteryear. Similar to particular smells, particular songs bring back the most detailed recollections--not just what was going on, but "exactly" what was going on. Know what I mean? Even the emotions of the moment are felt when hearing particular tunes.. Ahh,, the power of song!

Caddis fly said...

One last comment,, thought you might enjoy: I too come from a small town, and like songs, particular smells bring back fond memories for me. You wouldn't think that the sulfurous, smoky, acidy smell of the gasses discharged by a sugar beet factory would even be remotely pleasant, but for me, it's one of the sweetest smells on earth. There was one such factory near my Gram's house, and I loved what that smell meant--I got to hang out with my Grandma!!! Every time I go home,, I try to drive past the factory,, just hoping to catch a whiff of that most wonderful odor... :-)

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

CF - Did you load spyware on my computer? I've been working on a post regarding how powerful the sense of smell can be in driving us down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for encouraging me through your messages. You are loved!

Angela said...

I can totally identify with you! I hear songs daily that take me back to different times in my life as well as a reminder of my relationship with God and others.

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

Anonymous - Thank you for your sweet words!

Angela - You're right! Music is so powerful and is a great way to connect with God.